Holy Shroud of Turin

On 17th May Mother Martha and several other members of our community attended the solemn services in front of the exposed Holy Shroud (or Winding Sheet) of the Lord in the Cathedral of Turin (Torino) in northern Italy. Such an exposition is a rare event and for the first time Orthodox pilgrims came from all over Europe with their priests, to take part. The Orthodox were given use of the Cathedral for the whole evening and seven bishops (including our Archbishop Elisey) lead the Solemn Matins - based on the Matins appointed for the evening of Great and Holy Friday. The spiritual atmosphere was indescribably moving. Afterwards there was a Divine Liturgy in the Russian church in Turin.
Many Orthodox pilgrims, including some of our group, took the opportunity to visit other nearby Holy places and to venerate the relics of Saint Mark, St Athanasius, St Lucy and St Zacharius in Venice and St Ambrose in Milan, as well as ancient Orthodox Icons looted by the medieval crusaders from Constantinople. Everywhere there were groups of Russian pilgrims praying and singing Molebens.

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