An Annotated Bibliography in English

The Russian Church under the Soviet Regime, 1917-1982, 2 vols.
New York, 1984

That is one of many books about the Communist persecution of the Orthodox Church. It is written by an Orthodox and is more reliable than the most. It is very good for the historical and political backgrounds against which the martyrs’ lives can be better understood.

The New Martyrs of Russia
POLSKY, Michael
Wildwood, Alberta, 2000

For many years Father Michael’s book was the only one to attempt to list and describe the different martyrs. He lived in Soviet Russia until the late 1930s and personally new a number of the people he wrote about. After a miraculous escape he became priest of the Russia Church Abroad in London. Some of his information has been supplemented in more recent accounts published in Russia, but his book is still a great and moving work. It is available in both English and Russian.

Russia’s Catacomb Saints: Lives of the New Martyrs
California, 1982

This work was edited by the well known Father Seraphim (Rose) in connection with the Glorification of the New Martyrs by the Russian Church Abroad. It is not a complete record and is rather controversial in parts, but is wonderfully readable. An appendix contains an account of the martyrdom of Archbishop John of Latvia which is otherwise is difficult to find in English.

New Confessors of Russia Vol.1
Nizhny-Novgorod Province, Platina, California, 1998

This was translated from a collection published in Russia and was to have been the first of a major series of books. No other volumes have appeared so far in English. The book makes use of “newly opened KGB files”.

Russian Golgotha: The lives of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia Vol.1 - Moscow and the North
MOSS, Vladimir
Wildwood, Alberta, 2006

This is a very polemical work and the author belongs to a group not recognised as canonical by the Orthodox Church. The Introductory material should be ignored but there is a lot of information in the lives which is not otherwise available in English and Mr Moss has used recently published and respectable Russian sources.

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